Review: 100 Ways Your Company Loses to Better Online Marketers by Barry Feldman

Recently on Facebook, we shared a fantastic article we found that contained a LOT of actionable information. The article 100 Ways Your Company Loses to Better Online Marketers has valuable information for anyone involved in marketing. Actually, we believe it has valuable info for any involved in business. But before you deep dive into it, here are a few tips we thought might be handy to have to avoid being overwhelmed, and to allow you to make the most of this resource.


One of the things we approved of most in 100 Ways Your Company Loses to Better Online Marketers by Barry Feldman was the consistent reference of the “why” in the tips they provided. The article doesn’t just tell you what to do, ie; run your site on a content management system, but clarifies the reason for doing so is that it “is easy and cost effective.” Not incidentally, consistently referring to the why was part of tip #1, “You have to start with the “why.” reminding online marketers of the importance of showing your value and developing your value proposition.

A list of 100 tips can be a little daunting. While we highly recommend any online marketer take a good look at the tips on this list and think about how their efforts compare, we suggest reading this article in two steps.

First scan the article focusing on the section headers, and maybe the quotes included by industry experts. Then choose one or two sections you want to focus on and read those tips fully with an eye towards identifying how your online marketing efforts measure up. Not every tip is going to be relevant to every online marketer, and trying to do them all right now is going to get you nowhere, unless, of course, you have several minions to do your bidding. But choosing one or two sections to compare and help you improve your efforts is a wonderful way to put this list to work.

And you know you always have us. If you would like an objective review of how your efforts stack up and how you can improve while staying within your marketing budget, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

See you next time!